How nominations and voting work for the 2013 MTV EMA Biggest Fans

This year's MTV EMA gives the power to you, the viewers, to pick the nominees and the winner of the Biggest Fans Award by joining an artist's Fan Team and earning points for that artist. Points can be earned on the website, located at (the "Website"); the mobile website, located at (the "Mobile Site"); and/or the MTV EMA app available free at the iTunes store (the "Mobile App"). Only points earned by real people will be allowed! Any entries that we believe have been made via participation in a syndicate or via any form of machine-assisted intervention enabling computer-generated multiple entries, may be disqualified.

The nomination phase for the Biggest Fans is open from 30 August 2013 until 17 September 2013. Voting for Biggest Fans (and the other Main Categories of the MTV EMA) is open from 12:00pm CET on 17 September 2013 until 11:59pm CET on 8 November 2013 and winners will be announced during the MTV EMA event on 10 November 2013.

Nomination Phase:

On 30 August 2013, the nomination phase opens with 15 artists in contention to become Biggest Fans Nominees. Users may join any of those 15 artists' Fan Teams to earn points for that artist through their actions. You can earn up to a maximum of ten (10) points per day by performing the actions listed below. The ten-point limit applies per day, regardless of whether earned on the Website, the Mobile Site, and/or the Mobile App.

Every day from 8 to 17 September 2013, the artist whose Fan Team has the lowest total number of points will be eliminated from contention at 12:00pm CET. On 17 September 2013 at 12:00pm CET, the 5 artists remaining in contention will become the official nominees for the Biggest Fans award, and their Fan Team points will reset to zero.

Voting Phase:

From 17 September 2013 until 8 November 2013, each point earned by users on Fan Teams is equivalent to one vote for that artist for the Biggest Fans award.

Earning Points:

In both the nomination and voting phases, users earn points by logging into the Website, the Mobile Site or the Mobile app and doing any or all of the following actions: reading an article, watching a video, viewing a photo gallery, liking/following MTV EMA on Facebook/Twitter, sharing a link on Facebook/Twitter, and (as of 30 August) referring a user to a Fan Team page. In the voting phase, users can also earn points by casting votes in all other MTV EMA categories, sentiment tagging, taking polls, and liking/following an EMA-nominated artist.

If a user's team is eliminated from competition during the nomination phase, no further points will accrue to that team from that moment onward, but a user may select a new Fan Team and start earning points for that artist. Users may change Fan Teams at any time, regardless of whether their original artist's Fan Team is still in contention, but previously earned points will not carry over to their new Fan Team.

In the voting phase, after a user reaches 425 points, he/she becomes a Level 2 user and each point-earning action counts for 2 points (= 2 votes). After a user reaches 775 points, he/she becomes a Level 3 user and each point-earning action counts for 3 points (= 3 votes). If a user changes Fan Teams, he/she will remain at the same level.

Important Note:

To earn points and/or cast votes for Biggest Fans, users must have or create an account in the community and sign in to These accounts are powered by the Flux platform and governed by the Social Project and MTV EMA Policies. By creating an account in the community, you agree to comply with the Social Project Terms of Use, the Social Project Privacy Policy, and the Social Project Copyright Compliance Policy. If you have already created an account on, please take a moment to review these terms and ensure that you are in compliance.